CERAiT Inc. Newsletter | September 2016

CERAiT Inc. Newsletter | September 2016

Direct Benefits of Predictive Analytics for eCommerce

There is a huge number of goals to achieve in eCommerce, more or less important, and the same number of ways to measure the results and success of this approach: increasing sales, increasing profits, increasing customer base, increasing the number of customer purchases, maximizing sales per customer, maximizing sales per purchase, growing future business, being more visible, advancing brand reputation and recognition, minimizing customer abandonment etc.

Modern B2B Supplier Approach and Customer Experience

Business Intelligence upgraded into Predictive Analytics gives us high quality inputs, just in time when we need them, so we can make fast, yet smart decisions about improving the experience of our B2B buyers. It answers some key questions raised by every company in B2B business...

mCommerce - The Future Of Successful Online Commerce

CERAiT Inc introduces an advanced eCommerce platform, crafted to suit the needs of most diverse businesses. mCommerce brings a unique customer experience, great marketing potential, leading technology with advanced Online Commerce features.





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